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A Durable and Sustainable Umbrella

A Durable and Sustainable Umbrella

March 20, 2008 —

Anytime a design comes along that improves on both the quality and sustainability of the existing standard, it's worth noting. The Brelli is one such product. Not only is it the world's first 100 percent biodegradable umbrella, it's also designed to last longer. With about twice as many spokes as the flimsy umbrellas you're likely to see littering the streets on a particularly nasty day, the Brelli is designed to resist wind and not turn inside-out.

The product is the brainchild New York entrepreneur and mom, Pam Zonsius. With wooden spokes and a transparent covering, the umbrella is both sustainable and stylish. It retails at around $30 — a bit more than its competitors — but as with many green products, the Brelli's increased life span makes up for a higher sticker price.



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