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American Apparel

American Apparel

January 17, 2008 —

Perhaps the only major company in the world to offer affordable, sweatshop-free clothing. American Apparel pays workers in 13 countries worldwide an average of $12 an hour and offers affordable health insurance to all employees and their families. American Apparel has also been making headway on the sustainability front, cutting energy use in its factories, recycling fabric scraps and pledging to up its organic cotton usage from 20 to 80 percent in the next few years.

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  • Maker of violent anti-social video games
  • Unethical marketing of baby formula in developing nations
  • Processed meat sold as 'natural' food. Union-buster.
  • World's largest oil company--human rights, oil spills and misinformation about climate change
  • Weapons-maker. Multiple environmental offender.