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Canon Announces Three Categories of Green Branding and Products

Canon Announces Three Categories of Green Branding and Products

January 8, 2008 —

The consumer and business electronics giant Canon unveiled a 2008 plan for making its packaging and products more friendly to environment and buyers. Using the tag line “Generation Green”, Canon created three categories of marketing and product manufacturing practices intended to help consumers identify Canon as a green conscious company with a range of green goods and policies.

The first category is “Eco-Conscious,” bringing double-side printing to save paper usage by 50% and other packaging alterations geared to shipping efficiency. The paper it is now using, NatureStone, is biodegradable—saving 45% in energy, 65% less petroleum-based plastics and 50% less carbon emissions. Better package planning means more packages per shipping vehicle and less emissions.

Second is “Eco-Standards,” with Canon earning the ISO 14001 certification and rolling out products that meet Energy Star standards for the U.S. market and the European Union’s RoHS directive that bans hazardous substances.

The final green effort, “Eco-Friendly” has Canon manuals for it greener products printed on 70% post consumer recycled paper, power supply casings on select printers made from recycled plastic. Canon has also joined other major electronic goods manufacturers in setting up its own nation-wide recycling program for taking spent toner cartridges out of the landfill loop and back into product life.

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