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Energy Star's Website Offers New Tools for Homeowners

Energy Star's Website Offers New Tools for Homeowners

Energy Star offers personalized energy saving tips on its website. Improving the insulation in your home is always a good place to start.

October 25, 2007 —

Energy Star, a 1992 EPA project designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, has introduced The Energy Star Home Advisor, a virtual guide to green home improvement. Now consumers can go to the Energy Star website, enter information about their home and where they live, and receive specifically tailored advice on the cheapest, most effective ways that they can save money on energy and shrink their carbon footprints.

The website also offers a "Home Energy Yardstick" to caculate those savings. Just enter some simple information about your home and within second you can view estimates on how much money you'd save with each recommended home improvement. This market based approach has allowed the EPA to turn consumers who wouldn't normally make purchasing decisions based on the environment, into self-interested green shoppers.

For more on green home improvement, This Old House recently published this list of 22 simple things you can do

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