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Home Depot Promotes Eco Options

Home Depot Promotes Eco Options

“The manufacturers are seeing the green ship leave the port and they don’t want to be left on the dock.”
-Ron Jarvis, Eco Options Coordinator

October 30, 2007 —

On Earth Day, Home Depot gave away one million energy efficient light bulbs to customers all over North America. The giveaway was a promotion for the hardware giants's Eco Options campaign, but it was also intended to sell the very idea of energy efficiency to customers who aren't accustomed to factoring it into their purchasing decisions. As far as green home improvements go, there just simply isn't an easier sell than the compact fluorescent light bulb. Americans love to save time and money, and getting someone to change that first light bulb is the first step in creating a green shopper.

So far, Eco Options seems to be an enormous success both for Home Depot and the thousands of products it recommends. On average, an Eco Option product receives about a 10 percent boost in sales over its competitors, a pretty impressive increase in market share.

In promoting the program, Home Depot has also created a pair of helpful consumer resources: a website and a quarterly magazine. The website offers an array of tools for homeowners, from energy savings calculators to web videos hosted by Ed Begley Jr. The site doesn't neglect to hawk a few products in the process, but since so much of the success of the campaign relies on creating more green consumers, Home Depot has a legitimate interest educating its customers about energy efficiency.

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