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Post Office Announces Free Electronics Recycling Program

Post Office Announces Free Electronics Recycling Program

“We know our customers are interested in real solutions for proper disposal of personal electronics. Everyone from consumers to businesses to non-profit organizations use the mail, and the Postal Service works to manage resources wisely to minimize environmental impact.”
-Anita Bizzotto, executive vice president for the Postal Service

March 19, 2008 —

Many of the top electronics companies have instituted recycling programs in recent years, aiming to cut down on consumer waste and the release of dangerous chemicals into landfills. But what if you can't find that little envelope that came with your cell phone or printer cartridge, or if the nearest drop off center is a hundred miles from your house?

The U.S. Postal Service is pioneering a program in collaboration with the electronics recycling firm, Clover Technologies Group, that will allow small electronics to be mailed to the company at no charge. Printer cartridges, PDAs, cell phones, digital cameras and MP3 players will be among the products eligible for the program, and though the free envelopes will initially be available only in about 1,500 post offices in larger cities, the Postal Service is hoping to expand the program nationwide by the fall.

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