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Credo Takes Cell Phones to Socially Conscious Consumers

Credo Takes Cell Phones to Socially Conscious Consumers

A cell phone service with a green and social credo.

November 8, 2007 —

A week ago, Credo Mobile phone company reincarnated in a splashy new launch orchestrated by socially conscious business pioneer Working Assets. The announcement hit all the technology media outlets and mainstream newspapers stating Working Assets' primary objective is to expand its mobile phone service to more socially conscious consumers who are looking for cell phones that are truly greener, not just in green style choices.

The newly incarnated Credo Mobile has allied with the progressive Carbon FreeTM program from This program estimates and offsets the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere from Credo’s electricity usage and its cell phone shipping. When customers pay for their Credo cell phone service , 1 percent has been taken off the bill by Credo and donated to nonprofits stewarding the environment, peace, human rights, reproductive rights. So far Credo has donated $56 million to greater good organizations through this program.

For each new customer signup Credo is breaking out the shovels and planting a tree—actually giving money to tree-planting groups. To call up the power of the sun Credo is offering solar power chargers. The company has also launched a website,, that serves as a forum for expressing constructive beliefs, and to participate in articulating hopes for the next U.S. president.

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11 minutes ago Liz w.

Submitted by Anonymous on May 22, 2008 - 13:45.

11 minutes ago Liz w. says:

I was in the process of switching to Credo Mobile. My experience with customer service over the last two days has made me change my mind - I am back with my original carrier.

Everyone is very polite, but I get the impression they have little training, and little software support. They do not have an integrated way to look at my account. I called to tell them to cancel, and after that, they transferred my number over to their system. i had to have it transferred back.

This was after I ordered service, and they didn't even ask me what my old number was. And after they called back to say "Who was your service provider again?"

Amateur outfit. I am all for good causes. But it gives good causes a bad name if they use them to get customers they are unable to serve.

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