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GreenPrint Cuts Printer Waste

GreenPrint Cuts Printer Waste

November 2, 2007 —

Have you ever tried to print directions from the web and gotten one blank page for every page of information with urls, legalese or weird strings of html code scattered here and there? Do you hate having to waste ink on banner ads and extraneous images? GreenPrint is selling a solution that could save you money and cut down on the waste you contribute to the world.

The software automatically removes unwanted text and allows users to decide which images (if any) they want printed. If you think you can live without a hard copy, GreenPrint offers a one-click PDF writer, giving offices a little extra incentive to circulate that memo electronically instead of on paper. Xerox entered a deal recently to bundle this software with all of their new printers as part of an overall mission to cut down on the waste associated with its products.

GreenPrint says its software saves the average user 1,400 wasted pages per year and $90 in ink and paper costs. In addition to selling a green product, the company is also promising to plant one tree for every sale it makes from now until March.

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