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Xerox Has Saved 2 Billion Pounds of E-Waste Since 1991

Xerox Has Saved 2 Billion Pounds of E-Waste Since 1991

November 12, 2007 —

Xerox recently reached a milestone in its 16-year old campaign to reduce the waste created by its products. An ink and toner cartridge recycling program started in 1991 has now saved 2 billion pounds of electronic waste from reaching landfills worldwide. While that number may seem small in comparison to the United States' annual garbage output (more than 230 million tons,) the high levels of toxic chemicals and heavy metals present in these cartridges makes their presence in landfills less desirable than a crumpled piece of paper or a banana peel.

Probably the most laudable aspect of this accomplishment is that the program was begun many years before sustainability measures fell into vogue in corporate America. As for its more current efforts, Xerox's 2007 Report on Global Citizenship touts an increasingly energy efficient product line, a reduced reliance on toxics and heavy metals, and an open-ended goal to one day achieve carbon neutrality. Right now 50 percent of Xerox's products meet the U.S. Government's Energy Star certification standards.

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