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Ethical Corporation Magazine Releases Greenwasher Awards

Ethical Corporation Magazine Releases Greenwasher Awards

"A short and sweet nomination requiring no further explanation. The Financial Times (ran) a special supplement on climate change, in part paid for by advertising – for Hummer trucks."
-Ethical Corporation

December 17, 2007 —

As the Corporate Social Responsibility Officer has become a mainstay in Fortune 500 boardrooms of late, so too has the greenwash. Executives and public relations firms are constantly teaming up to unfurl disastrously misguided projects and marketing strategies, all in an effort to look green without having to actually change anything about the way their business runs.

Although the British publication, Ethical Corporation, caters to businesses and NGOs alike, it isn't afraid to call "greenwash" when a company like Coca-Cola tries to bribe environmental journalists with a cruise, or when Land Rover invites them to go "off-roading" in the least fuel-efficient vehicle in their fleet. EC's first annual Greenwasher Awards feature a few of everyone's favorite brands, including Hummer, Yum! Brands, and Coke.


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