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NBC Sweeps To Feature Green Subplots

NBC Sweeps To Feature Green Subplots

"NBC Universal has a responsibility, both in our own operations and in driving awareness. Green is good for the world and the bottom line."
- Jeff Zucker, president and CEO of NBC

November 1, 2007 —

NBC has announced that it will devote its November sweeps week to environmentally-themed programing. Beginning Nov. 4th, shows in NBC's primetime lineup will have inexplicable subplots involving vision quests and replacing light bulbs. Al Gore will also be making a guest appearance on 30 Rock. Jeff Zucker, President and CEO of NBC, explained:

The environment has become both a corporate and cultural issue. As a leading media and entertainment company, NBC Universal has a responsibility, both in our own operations and in driving awareness.

While it may succeed in "driving awareness," it's virtually impossible to figure out the motives for this move at face value. General Electric, possibly the biggest polluter in American history, owns NBC. They also continue to spend millions every year lobbying against environmental regulations and avoiding paying fines for their past crimes.

Is GE trying to clean up its image? Maybe the idea originated with and was pushed on GE by NBC? Sometimes greenwashing works in mysterious ways.

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