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Al Gore To Promote Clean Tech Start-Ups

Al Gore To Promote Clean Tech Start-Ups

Al Gore has become a venture capitalist and will explore the potential growth of clean tech start-ups, thus furthering his promotion of environmental issues.

November 13, 2007 —

Al Gore is apparently not running for president.  Instead, he has become a venture capitalist as a new partner in Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield, and Byers.  Gore will focus on finding start-ups within the alternative energy source industry, also known as clean tech companies.  For investors, Gore’s position only highlights a growing trend: encouraging green businesses that will pay big in the future.

Gore’s commitment to the environmental movement is relatively unchallenged and his approach into venture capitalism should not be surprising.  In recent years, investors have started to fund innovative and experimental start-ups that use new technologies and try to harness alternative energies.  Solar and wind power, ethanol, and other sources are being explored by start-ups who will be helped by Gore’s presence.  His political connections and worldwide recognition may allow start-ups to receive additional funding, government contracts, and deals with bigger businesses. 

Clean tech has become a popular investment, but Gore’s entrance into venture capitalism means that the industry is also becoming more politically important.  With policy and politics potentially leaning toward encouraging clean tech start-ups, investors may soon find that new technologies can pay off as they change how Americans consume energy. 

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