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Local Harvest

Local Harvest

March 3, 2008 —

The toughest part about buying local is sacrificing the convenience of one-stop supermarket shopping. Keeping up with the schedules and locations of farmers' markets and ordering from local farms every month can be demanding — especially if you live in a part of the country where local produce is hard to come by.

Local Harvest, a Santa Cruz based website founded by activist and locavore, Guillermo Payet, is a great tool for anyone looking to buy local. The site offers a comprehensive database of local farms, markets, community supported agriculture and local supplied restaurants, as well as an internet store that allows small farmers to sell goods like soap, maple syrup, preserves and dried fruits to a national market. With more than 9000 members, the forums are reasonably active and provide a space where activists, consumers and farmers can come together and communicate about a variety of issues central to local agriculture.

If you don't think there are many locavore options in your area, a quick search on Local Harvest is likely to prove your wrong — and point you in the direction of some delicious fresh food.

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