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Marine Stewardship Council Endorses First Canned Tuna Products

Marine Stewardship Council Endorses First Canned Tuna Products

"Consumers today are becoming increasingly aware that the choices they make impact the world around them well into the future."
-Meredith Lopuch, director of the World Wildlife Federation's Community Fisheries program

February 28, 2008 —

The Marine Stewardship Council has for the first time, certified a line of sustainably caught tuna products. American Tuna, which is a small, family owned fishery employing pole and line fishing techniques, offers smoked and canned albacore. The fishery uses only younger albacore — between two and five years old — which keeps mercury levels in the fish significantly lower than those in most canned tuna fish, which often reach ages of more than 30 before being caught. 

The brand recently reached a deal with Whole Foods for national distribution, meaning that certified sustainable tuna is now available in nearly every major city. American Tuna products are also available online through Heritage Foods and Primizie.



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