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Certified CarbonFree

Certified CarbonFree

"By taking responsibility for its carbon footprint and investing in renewable energy sources, the Royal Hawaiian Honey line is an example of how the American food industry can make a difference."
-Rebeca Krones, co-founder of Tropical Traders Specialty Foods

December 10, 2007 —

With businesses like Google and Dell making noises about their desire to eventually be completely carbon neutral, the non-profit organization has developed a certification system for companies that wish to declare their products "carbon-free." The CarbonFreeTM label was unveiled in July, and already more than 200 businesses are either certified or in the process of becoming certified.

The first U.S. food product to achieve this label is Royal Hawaiian Honey, distributed by Tropical Traders Specialty Foods. When Carbonfund did its calculations for the honey, they looked at every aspect of the product's production, from the harvest of raw materials to the shipping process. Carbonfund helps advise companies on steps they can take to reduce their carbon emissions and what can't be cut is balanced out by carbon credit purchases.

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