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Maker of Windex, Pledge, Drano Launches "Greenlist" Labeling

Maker of Windex, Pledge, Drano Launches "Greenlist" Labeling

January 18, 2008 —

The family-owned company, SC Johnson, is fairly prominent in every household’s cleaning and kitchen cabinets—makers of Windex, Pledge, Drano, Shout, Ziplok and other household products. The company announced a new labeling system called Greenlist for many of its products. The labeling system is based on a company analyzing process (patented) that generates an environmental impact summing for each product and helps adjust the formula. SC Johnson started this in 2001 and is now using Greenlist labeling to note their more environmentally friendly products.

Greenlist analyzes the product based on a process assessing 95% of the base materials used to manufacture it. In many cases the Greenlist indicates the product has fewer VOC’s—volatile organic compounds. Windex, a classic SJ Johnson item, was improved in environmental impact while increasing cleaning performance by 30%.

Other improved products include Pledge—reformulated for better biodegradability and less VOC pollutants. The Fantastik Orange Action cleaner is now entirely VOC free. SC Johnson says the Greenlist process has eliminated 63 million pounds of VOC’s from the company’s environment footprint. The company is also improving the greenhouse gass emissions standards of its delivery fleet—so far reducing emissions by 2,000 tons. Its Waxdale plant (makes Windex and Scrubbing Bubbles) uses renewable energy for power.

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