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Monsanto Facing More Cancer Lawsuits

Monsanto Facing More Cancer Lawsuits

Seventy-seven current and former residents of Nitro, W.Va. now seek $685 million in damages from Monsanto for exposing them to dioxides, resulting in cancer cases.

October 22, 2007 —

Monsanto has been targeted in a potential class-action lawsuit over the damage one of its plants did to a West Virginia town between 1949 and 2004. The company is accused of releasing the cancer-causing chemical dioxin into the atmosphere at levels that exceed EPA standards by a factor of more than 500. Dioxin has long been known to have harmful health effects and the suits allege that Monsanto and its subsidiaries acted "carelessly, negligently, recklessly and/or deliberately."

It's not the first time Monsanto has been accused of environmental wrongdoing. It was one of the companies that produced Agent Orange during the Vietnam War. It recently paid $700 million in damages to residents of Anniston, Alabama for dumping PCB byproducts into the soil. It is also under fire worldwide for various practices it has engaged in regarding genetically modified food.

Monsanto is an agricultural biotechnology company with numerous brands including: Asgrow, Bollgard, Dekalb, Delta and Pineland, Roundup, Roundup Ready, Seminis,  Vistive and Yield Gard.

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