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Green Family Values

Green Family Values

“We’re in our cars, staring at the computer screen, separated most of the day from the people we love. Activism can help counteract depression, but if we get caught up in trying to save the world single-handedly, we’re just going to burn out.”
-Linda Buzzell, Publisher of EcoTherapy News

February 20, 2008 —

In the 1940s and 1950s, groups of moms would gather in kitchens or living rooms to marvel at one another's modern conveniences. Dishwashers, refrigerators, washing machines — and most famously — tupperware were subjected to scrutiny by communities of women looking to add convenience to their lives as homemakers.

The New York Times reported recently on a similar phenomenon based not on the search for convenience, but for a smaller footprint. Today's "EcoMom" movement brings together communities of parents struggling to raise children while reducing the effect that their households' waste and energy use have on the environment. EcoMoms — who these days are rarely homemakers — share composting tips and ethical product recommendations, making green living not just a family activity, but a community one.

A national "EcoMom Alliance" has even been started through the internet, founded by longtime sustainability advocate Kimberly Danek Pinkson. The group claims thousands of members including actress Robin Wright Penn, and starts moms off with ten basic ways that they can limit their families' environmental impacts.



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  • Numerous ethical problems with largest maker of household products in U.S.
  • World's largest oil company--human rights, oil spills and misinformation about climate change
  • Genetic Engineering and Monopolistic behavior = Monsanto
  • Weapons-maker. Multiple environmental offender.
  • Maker of violent anti-social video games