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DHL and United States Postal Service Get Highest Marks in Green Shipping Scorecard

DHL and United States Postal Service Get Highest Marks in Green Shipping Scorecard

December 21, 2007 —

Shipping packages for business, friends and family leaves an enormous carbon footprint. One little package en route from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Pittsburgh, California is part of a cloud of greenhouse gasesleft in its wake. Choosing a package shipper on the criteria of best-yet green practice just got much easier. Stoneyfield Farm and Climate Counts, a nonprofit that rates companies on greenhouse output, just concluded their rankings for least polluting shippers. At the top was DHL and the United States Postal Service.

DHL scored 45 out of 100-point top score and the USPS came in with 43. UPS tallied 39 with FedEx trailing the pack at 28 points. Climate Counts established four benchmarks for scoring the shipping companies: measuring and tracking their carbon footprint, ways taken to directly lessen that global warming impact, company policy on supporting or opposing climate change government and non-government initiatives, reporting of their efforts to the public.

The CEO of Stonyfield Farm and Climate Counts, Gary Hirshberg, said: “While we’re pleased that the shipping sector has betun to take actin on climate, but like most of us in the business community, they have a long way to go. Climate Counts has rated sixty companies so far in different business sectors. All companies are ranked in an index called the Holiday Shopping Guide, available at their website.

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